Long time no blog

I’ve realized it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated. I’ve posted here and there on other social media outlets but no blog. So here’s a quick update 😀

I’ve realized that with all my sharing I’ve never actually shared my weight….dun dun dunnnnn. I’ve told my loss but never the actual weight.. wonder why that is. Somehow I’ve felt comfortable sharing a lost number yet not my weight…well no more. On September 1 when I started this journey I weighed 338 lbs…you heard that right. 338. Not a happy number. I feel like i’ve always weighed heavier then what i “felt”. But 338 is a scary number I NEVER want to see again. I was wearing a size 28 jeans. 10 months later. I’m currently weighing in at 245.6 lb. That’s a loss so far of 92.4 lb. (SOOO close to 100) and I’m wearing a size 18 jean. I’m so much happier at this weight and size then I was at the start. I’m not nearly as conscious of my ‘comfort’ in situations. Recently I went to cedar point and was able to ride every ride without worry of “fitting” no one should have to feel that way and by the next time I go i’m determined to have plenty of extra space in the seat. Another NSV (non-scale victory) that I’ve recently experienced was related to a bridesmaid dress. The time has finally come to get my dress altered so off to david’s bridal I went wondering what they’d be able to do. When I ordered the dress I remember asking “what if i loose too much, like how much can you take a dress in?” I’m sure at the time they thought ‘yeah right” they probably get every 5th person thinking they’re going to ‘lose weight for the wedding’ but they said if that were to happen if they can’t take it in then we’ll try to get a new size if they can get it in time. so I went and got the dress on and asked. well….I’m one of the very few that actually got too small for my dress!! yay! now that’s exciting. they said they’d have to take it in 2-3 sizes. This dress was a size 22. So off i went to try on a different size and managed to find a dress style similar that works even better. AND….managed to find out I fit into the size 18 off the rack with no need for alterations. whoo hoo! While talking with the girl who was helping me navigate ordering the new one and getting the info to ship back and return the now too big dress. I told her how much I’ve lost and she was beyond excited for me. She said in the 13 years she’s been at david’s she’s probably only seen less then a dozen actually lose that much and end up being too small for their dress. now if that doesn’t boost your ego i don’t know what does 😉

I’ve shared this picture already but this is a more recent update. Recently I tried on a winter coat that’s NEVER actually fit nor closed. and to my shock it actually fits! I think it’s extremely important to look at BOTH scale and non-scale victories it’s definitely kept me motivated and pushing forward. By the wedding (which is over labor day weekend) i WILL be down 100 lbs. Thank you everyone for all your support and if your looking for a workout buddy join me 😉


Weekly Weigh-in

I did so good all winter not getting sick. We finally got a tiny bit of warm(er) weather and sure enough. Jacob and I both were out for the count. On a plus side, we were able to crash watch both seasons of House of Cards (sooooo good!) I was a little worried that with being so out of it this week I wouldn’t do so well on the scale but I tried my best to stay on plan. Last weeks weigh-in was quite a shock. Somehow I managed to lose 4.2 lb. which gave me a 5 lb star. and then this week I lost another 2 lbs. Which now brings my total since September 1 to 62.8 lb. That is an insane number to me and even though its just a few pounds a week and in another mindset i’d probably think it wasn’t good enough, it adds up. i’m still a long way away from my goal. But it was rather encouraging for the leader of the meeting I go to to ask me about my end goal (as in what weight i’m shooting for to get my lifetime) She said “normally I wouldn’t talk to someone about goal yet. but that you seem like you have a really good handle on things and that a long term goal won’t discourage you and will push you. and I think you’ll be there before you know it.” wow. that was really encouraging to hear. Believe it not I want to lose at least another 100 on top of where I’m at now (that will put me at a healthy BMI I’m not trying to go too crazy) I don’t want to get too caught up though in the end goal. right now i’m anxious for 75 lost. that’s my next “bigger” goal and I’ll just keep building from there.  

Weekly Weigh-in and catching up.

Boy have I been horrible at updating. Life of course has been busy (as I always say), but I’ve been doing really good and pushing forward. I believe the last time I weighed in I hadn’t quite hit 50 lbs. Well…I’m glad to say that I hit that mark and have moved past. on 1/22 my loss for that week was 1.4 lb. which put me exactly at 50 lb. lost 😀 here’s my new bling 😉 



The gold washer is the 50 lb charm. Feels good to have that guy. Can’t wait for my next washer which will be at 75 lb lost. That one especially for some reason will seem unreal. So when I get that one I’m sure you’ll hear right away lol. the rest of my weigh ins are as followed….

1/19   -2.2 lb  total lost: 52.2

1/26  -1.6 lb   total lost: 53.8

And this week…which I still almost can’t believe

2/2   -4.2 lb!!!! for a total now of 58 lbs lost 😀  and….down another jeans size whoo hoo

Not sure how I pulled off such a good loss this week, but hey I’ll definitely take it lol. We went out and bought a few new clothes and it felt so good to be able to go into a store and feel comfortable in my body and be able to try new things that for the last few years at least I’ve been convinced to steer clear of. Don’t think my husband is as excited about me embracing clothes shopping. I normally don’t get clothes but maybe once a year and only a few things. So this is new territory for him, but he’s being very supportive of it and I appreciate that. I’m making sure to only get an item or two as I don’t plan to stay in my current size 😉 I know for some the idea of shopping in “plus sizes” is foreign and or won’t understand. But I can not wait for the day of not having to scope out the “plus” size section and be able to walk into just about any store and be able to find something that fits. That will literally be a foreign language for me. I don’t think I’ve been in “normal” sizes since like middle school. So when that day comes I’ll be rejoicing lol. For now though. I couldn’t be happier with my progress. 58 lbs in like 6 months. I’m happy with that. 😀 


Long over due update/ Weekly weigh-in

Looking back over my blog it appears I’ve missed quite some time since my last update. I’ve still been working and doing well. I just haven’t been up on updating really anything online. The last time I posted was from my weigh-in on 12/15 in which I was at 43.4lb lost. I’ve weighed in twice since then. Although this week I did not weigh in because we got a pretty large winter storm so I missed my weigh in  day and wasn’t able to even think about going till like 3 or 4 days after. So I decided I would just wait and not weigh in…oh well. So here are the updated stats.

12/23 I was down another 1.6 lb. for a total of 45.0 

12/30 down another 3.6 lb for a total of 48.6

I wasn’t able to hit 50 by new years, but hey that’s pretty darn good to have those number during christmas 😉 

Right now I’m 1.4 lb away from the 50 lb mark. 😀 


I also got a new charm for my key chain 😀 



My 16 week hands. Getting lost of bling 😀 Hopefully very soon I’ll get another charm…which is my 50 lb ring. 

I’ve been doing well but I need to get re focused. I haven’t been able to get into the gym and then when I’ve been able to it hasn’t been a priority. I fear I’m hitting a plateau and the only way for me to avoid that, is to get into the gym. I’ve never been a home workout person. But considering the weather (and until the new location of my gym opens up that’s right down the road) I’m thinking of looking into some workout video options. It’s hard for me to find stuff I like. But I think it would be wise to have some back ups so I can stay active even when I’m not able to go to the gym. But the main focus will be to get into the gym, so if anyone is looking for a workout partner, hit me up lol. I can bring a guest for free 😀 


weekly weigh-in

well weekly weigh-in time. I’ve slowly been getting back into a routine. We’ve still spent way more time out of the house then at the house which makes it a little harder to be consistent, but all in all I’ve still been on track and that’s something I can be very proud of. This week is my week off so I’m hoping to be able to focus on getting some stuff done around the house and make it to the gym a little more. I can’t wait until they get the new planet fitness open, it’s sooo close to our house and will save me a trip across town and plenty of gas as well 😉 

This weeks weigh-in total: down another 3.4 lb this week 😀 which brings me to 43.4 lb lost 😀 I think it might just be possible to pull off 50 lb  BY New Years. I’m really hoping to pull that off. That would be a pretty good goal to hit especially over christmas and all the temptation the holiday brings. But hey…a loss is a loss so I won’t fret over what the loss is. It all adds up eventually anyways. 

Weekly Weigh-in…well…2 weeks..

Man oh man, have things been busy and rough for the last 2 weeks. Sorry I didn’t post last week but I’ll explain. Well the week of Thanksgiving was a busy one for sure! All sorts of projects and things leading up to Thanksgiving as well as my first “race”. Thanksgiving day Jacob and I did the Gallopping Gobbler, a 4 mile run. We didn’t aggressively train for it but we were able to complete it strong. After the race we had 2 Thanksgivings to go to…Trying to track and watch everything is hard enough when you don’t control the meal, but trying to do so at 2 different houses made it interesting. While at our second Thanksgiving of the day Jacob got a call from his dad, Mike, saying Jacob’s mom was having some issues and he didn’t know what to do. So we stopped what we were doing and went straight over. Jacob’s mom has been sick for quite a few years with breathing problems. She has emphysema and because of that she’s been on oxygen full time for about 4 years now. When we got there Mike was pretty concerned about Jane and of course Jane insisted on not going to the hospital. After talking with my mom (who’s a nurse) we tried to see if she could do a breathing treatment and she was just too weak so we opted to call for an ambulance (all this happened in maybe 5-10 minutes from the time we got there) The ambulance got there and got Jane. Mike rode in the ambulance there and Jacob and I drove to the hospital in our car. When we got there, we headed to the emergency side. And then found Mike. He told us Jane didn’t make it and that she had passed away shortly after getting there. It’s been rough. Jane’s been sick for a while now and I know she hated that she was unable to do all the things she used to.I know it’s been rough on Jacob to of seen his mom in such bad shape, but, it was blessing to of been able to see Jane one more time and Jacob was able to tell her he loved her.  We already miss her, although we know we can find comfort in that she’s in a better place and not suffering anymore. 

With everything we’ve been out of the house and going a mile a minute. Because of that 2 weeks ago my weigh-in was actually up 1 lb :/ Considering everything that’s not too bad. It’s my first ‘gain’ since starting but hey…one pound isn’t too bad. so my total weight down as of last week was 36.2lb.

This week I was able to slowly get back into a routine at least as far as diet goes. So today at weigh in I was down 3.8 lb! I can be happy with that. The pound I gained plus about 2.8 which brings me to a total weight lost of 40 lb! I’m thinking if I can stay focused and get back into the gym and ease back into a routine. My goal will be to be at a total of 50 lb lost BY new years. That might be a little over the top…but we’ll see if not before new years at least my weigh-in the sunday after new years (since new years is in the middle of the week)
Thank you everyone for all your support both personally with Jacob’s mom and with my weight lost journey. You all mean more to both of us then you could possibly know.  

Weekly Weigh-in 12

Sorry I’m so late with my weekly check-in. With Thanksgiving this week and everything around it, it’s been an insane week already.

Well I still haven’t gotten back into a good habit back in the gym. When I’ve gone it’s been sporadic and inconsistent. This week Jacob and I are doing the Galloping Gobbler, which is a 4 mile run. I know 4 doesn’t seem like much, but with everything we have going on that day it’s looking a bit intimating. Plus it’s going to be freezing! We pick up our packets Wednesday and then bright and early on Thanksgiving the actual walk. Wish us luck lol

This week, despite my inconsistencies in the gym, I’ve continued to stay on top of my diet. Which means I lost another 2.0 lb which brings me to a total of 37.8 lb. And you know those ‘smaller size’ jeans I was so excited about…well they’re already becoming loose 😉 So if you just wondering…what should I get Nicole for Christmas….Clothes! lol